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作者: J.B. Lim 翻譯:以恩



不要被那些 "神對數目沒有興趣" 的說法愚弄了。俏若 神對數目沒有興趣,祂就不會把整本書稱之為《民數記》。更重要的是,倘若 神對數目沒有興趣,祂就不會叫摩西、亞倫和其他支派的領袖去數算並記錄下所有的人數。

你知道 神為何叫摩西、亞倫和其他支派的領袖去數算所有的人數嗎?(例如,在《民數記》4章34-49節裡,為何 神要摩西和亞倫去數點並記錄哥轄、革順、米拉利的子孫,從30-50歲的都要到會幕服侍?)因為你的數算對你很重要。對 神而言,最重要的是人,每一個人都代表一個靈魂。每一個人對 神而言都很寶貴,因為耶穌為每一個人被釘死, 神要使用每一個生命。所以數目對 神很重要,也因而我們要做一個好管家,就要數點 神所給我們的,並且為他們新生命的成長和質量而禱告。

數目是否代表一切?當然不是。但它是一個好管家負責任的部份表徵,因此 神數點,我們也應當數點。







Why God Is Interested in Numbers ?
Written by  J.B. Lim

Have you ever wondered, "Why is there such a focus on numbers in the book of Numbers? Why so many figures and stats? In fact, why does the Bible contain so many records of how many people were in this group or that group?" Let me answer that question with a story.

When I was in elementary school and we would go on school field trips, I can remember walking onto the bus to go back to school. My teacher would always put her hand on my head and count a number. In fact, she would do that with every student. It's because my teacher wanted to make sure she didn't lose a single student on the trip. Like a shepherd, she wanted to make sure all her sheep were with her. That's why she counted. We count what is important to us.

Don't ever be fooled by those who say "God is not interested in numbers". If God wasn't interested in numbers, He wouldn't have named an entire book in the Bible "Numbers"! More seriously, if God wasn't interested in numbers, He wouldn't ask Moses, Aaron and other leaders in Scripture to count and record the number of people they have been given.

Do you know why God commands Moses, Aaron and other leaders in the Bible to count the people? (For example, why did God command Moses and Aaron in Numbers 4:34-49 to count and record the number of men in each of the Kohathite, Gershonite and Merarite clans aged 30 to 50 who came to serve at the tent of meeting?) It's because you count what is important to you. For God, what is important is people. Every number represents a soul, a person that is precious to God, a life that Jesus died for, and a life God wants to use. That's why numbers are important to God, and that's also why, if we want to be good stewards of what we have, we should count what God has given us as well and pray for growth, both in quality and quantity.

Are numbers everything? Definitely not. But they are an important part of being a good and responsible steward of what God has given us. That's why God counts, and so should we.

Question: Is there an area of your life where you need to do a better job of counting and keeping good records?



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