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【雙語園地】示巴女王 THE QUEEN SHEBA



作者: Evelyn O.Shih / 中譯:珍珍






所羅門王的智慧不只表現在言語,也展現在行動上。他不僅指導他人,也運用智慧來安排自己的事情。從建造聖殿到僕人的服飾,他也巨細靡遺地運用了他的智慧。可能這就是知識和智慧的區別。 知識只在心中,智慧則是在日常生活中懂得如何使用知識。

現在還有許多示巴女王希望來聽聽上帝的智慧。 當他們來到我們的教堂時,他們是否看到服務上的良好秩序? 當他們進入我們的家時,他們聞到了愛的甜蜜嗎? 當他們認識我們時,他們是否發現我們乾淨利落? 我衷心希望他們都不會失望。

當我們在辦《導向雜誌》時,也希望在文學作品中發揮出同樣的作用。 我們嘗試製作漂亮的封面,有藝術佈局和寫得很好的文章。 我們希望讀者能夠給我們提出建議,以便在每個問題上都能改進指導。 因為我們的上帝有完全的智慧,祂也願意賜予我們智慧。 祂也會很高興看到我們用祂賜給我們的智慧來吸引人們歸向祂。

(注:滌然師母曾是《導向雜誌》的總編輯 1985-2004)








Author: Evelyn O.Shih

When I came again to the story of the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon in my devotion time, I was fascinated by the description of the femininity.

King Solomon was really the wisest man in history. He passed the shrewd observation and examination of the Queen Sheba. While the Queen of Sheba listened to King Solomon's Words of Wisdom, she also was observing the seating of his officials. As she ate the delicious food at feast, she was also observing the robes of attending servants and cupbearers.

It is generally recognized that women are more observant than men. Women can observe all and everything around them and additionally they are able to deduce a lot from their circumstances. Women customers therefore, are the hardest to please.

The good part is, women author have produced many descriptive stories. The vivid and detailed accounts of human life have been found more often in the works of female writers than their male counterparts. Woman readers are also more responsive and sensitive. A novel which serves as a tear- jerker to women often could not be understood by men.

A men's mind is generally more preoccupied then women's. The newspaper-reading father could not see his two kids fighting under his feet. Similarly is the sport-watching husband who could not be distracted by his wife's moods.

King Solomon had wisdom in words and also in actions. He advised others as well as applied his wisdom in arranging his own affairs. From the biggest architecture of the temple building to the smallest detail in uniform of his servants, he applied his wisdom. May be this is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is only in ones' mind while wisdom is the use of knowledge in the daily life.

There are still many Queens of Sheba who wish to come to hear God's wisdom. When they come to our church, do they see good order in services? As they enter our home, do they smell the sweetness of love? When they are acquainted with us , do they find us clean and neat? I sincerely hope that none of them will be disappointed.

Steering thrives to do the same thing in literary work. We try to have beautiful covers, artistic layouts and well written articles. We hope that you readers will give us suggestions so that Steering will be improved an every issue. For our God is all wisdom and He loves to grant us wisdom. He will be pleased to see us using wisdom He gave us to attract people to Him.

(*Mrs. Evelyn O.Shih was the Chief editor of Steering Magazine 1985-2004)



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