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【雙語園地】何為信? What is faith ?



作者:盧國禮 / 中譯:盧國禮

"生命有其意義嗎?" 我曾自問。

當年(1980),我若 40 歲, 移民到多倫多之後,又回流香港。 我沒想過我已建立的事業,但心裏知到我需要再次勤勞去重新建立我的新事業。我豪無牽掛地堅信我會有所成就。雖然,我有了好的開始,但是,環境迫使我要改變。我和太太回港,她身體健康甚差。經歷了一段長而疲慮的醫療護理,她康復了。並於 1992 年,受洗歸入耶穌基督, 有了信仰後,身子與心靈便更加健狀...

信哲學,及傳統中國教導,例如:孔,孟的教導等等,指教我生活之道。從 1980 至 1992 年,我學習佛學,得到些鼓勵和曉悟。可是,在我心深處,卻若有所失--自信?盼望?愛?...

"生命有其意義嗎?" 有的,我感受到。哪可有證據。我無答案,直至 1992 年,當我受浸歸入耶穌基督的死和復活,才知道 神的恩惠使我重生而轉化--超越了自我,歸屬於耶穌基督。

這就是 信。我稱之為 真信。生活的知識和經驗告訴我們,加航可將我們很快飛到香港或其他目的地。持著登機證,你會肯定你的飛機將在赤立角國際機場著陸。為何你如此肯定并不害怕?為何你豪不猶豫地入閘登機? 為何你不少候或等候證為確實呢?為甚麼?... 為甚麼?...為甚麼?... 因為你有信心加航會嚴格履行其飛程。在生命裏你卻沒有證據這事件將成為真確。

"信就是所望之事的實底、是未見之事的確據" (希伯來書11:1)

我信 神賞賜那尋求祂的人。 我信 神是我們的創造者,祂長管我的生命。 無疑。 生命有意義--其意是 神的恩惠預定給我們每一個人。我們應要服從生命,依附生命,和勇敢地堅持生命, 無論是好是悲。神在保守。人生寄居於此臨時的世界,好像大型的嵌飾,編織著成千上萬的不同小塊,而我只是其中之一,卻是甚重要,能使那圖畫完整。這乃是我們 神 完全的救贖永恆計劃。

讓我們仰求,切禱 神的慈悲,拯救每一個人,帶領我們行走,有意義,聖潔,無可指責的路,等候祂再來,奉主耶穌名求,阿們 。






What is faith ?

Author: Francis Loo

"Is there meaning in life?" I asked myself.

I was about 40 when after immigration to Toronto and backed to Hong Kong in 1980. I gave no thoughts to my career that I'd established and I was conscious I had to work hard again to re-build my new career. I attached not but believed with confidence that I could make it. I did have a good start though circumstances forced me to change. I returned with my other half--so poor in health. Over a tedious long period of medical care, she recovered. And more fully physically and spiritually strong since 1992—been baptized into the faith of Jesus Christ...

I believe in philosophy and traditional Chinese teachings such as Confucius', Mencius' etc., which guide me the way of life. From 1980 to 1992, I studied the Buddhist teaching with some encouragement and enlightenment. But deep-seated in me something was lacking—Confidence? Hope? Love ?...

"Is there meaning in life?" Yes, I felt it. There was no possible proof. I had no answer until 1992 when I've been baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I was re-birthed in the grace of God and being transformed—positing myself out of myself into Jesus Christ.

This is faith. I call this true faith. Knowledge and experience in life tell us that we can quickly fly to Hong Kong or certain destination by Air Canada. With the boarding ticket you may rest assure that your plane will land at Chip Lap Kwok International Airport. Why would you be so confident without fear? Why didn't you hesitate at the airport gate to board the plane? Why won't you wait a bit or longer to be assured? Why?...Why?... Why?... Because you've faith on Air Canada who will honour the flight. You have no proof that this will be true in life.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrew 11:1). I believe God rewards those who earnestly seek Him. I believe God is our Creator, He controls my life. No doubt. Life has meaning—its meaning is destined by the grace of God to each of us. We have to obey life and abide by it and embrace bravely the good or the bad. God is in control. Life in this temporary world is like a big mosaic fitted with tenth of thousands of small and different pieces and I'm just one of them but so important to make the picture complete. This is the eternal plan of our God in His complete salvation.

Let's us beseech and entreat His clemency to save every soul and lead our way of meaningful, and, holy life blameless till He comes again. In Jesus' name, amen.



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