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2013年08月22日, 美國東部時間03:06 PM By Tyler O'Neil 基督郵報撰稿人

一位基督徒教授和福音傳道者說,在摩門教教會待了 30 年後,她對這個宗教組織有著獨特的領悟:《聖經》比《摩門經》更準確,神比 "後期聖徒"(Latter Day Saints)所崇拜的卓越的人更偉大。

"我開始感覺好像有人在拉開窗簾,"佛羅里達海岸大學(Florida Gulf Coast University)特殊教育的助理教授、楊百翰大學(Brigham Young University)的前終身教授、《Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of The Mormon Church》(揭開恩典:我們如何在摩門教會外找到出路的故事)一書作者林恩·懷爾德(Lynn K. Wilder)在周一的採訪中告訴基督郵報。她將摩門教與基督教會做了對比,揭露了摩門教的秘密:一夫多妻制、種族主義,以及對神的話語和力量的根本不信任。

懷爾德和她的丈夫麥克,結婚之後在自家附近尋找教會,他們發現大多數教會是 "無聊和脫節的",她說。她也通讀了舊約,並確信"這些必定是末後的日子",因為以色列已經返回其家園。

摩門教傳教士敲了她家的門,談到 "末後的日子",並歡迎懷爾德夫婦進入他們的緊密社區中。"他們帶你進去,他們愛你,他們開始取代我的原生家庭,"懷爾德解釋。加入教會給了她和她丈夫在大學和教會團體中一個較高的地位。1999 年,楊百翰大學給她提供了一份工作。

然而,搬到猶他州後,這位教授講述了她的新發現,摩門教的經文仍然宣揚種族主義和一夫多妻制,儘管耶穌基督後期聖徒教會公開否認。"聖經並沒有教導,該隱的標志是黝黑的皮膚,"她解釋說,"但摩門經這樣寫。" 她指出,該隱的標志除了記載在摩門經中外,還記載在其他摩門教的經文中。


"摩門教徒相信,聖經是誤譯和墮落的," 這位楊百翰大學的前教授說。他們的經文講述在使徒們死後的一位 "偉大叛教者",說直到約瑟夫·史密斯(Joseph Smith)在 1830 年創立摩門教,那之前並沒有真正的教會。



懷爾德說,她相信神有足夠的力量將他的教會團結在一起,並保存聖經裡的信息。然而,在摩門教中,神並不是無所不知、無所不能的,"基本上,他是一個男人,一個不斷進步的人,而我們也可以在那同一旅程上," 她說。


這位前摩門教徒回憶說,當她轉向耶穌後,她開始看到這位個人性的聖經裡的神(她說摩門教的神不是個人性的)觸摸到她生活的許多方面。"基督教因為神而美好," 她說,"祂為我們所有人創造了新的家庭、新的生活、以及令人吃驚的對祂的信任,因為我們看到了祂所做的。"

除了教學,她和丈夫還有一個致力於 "幫助摩門教徒認識一位更偉大的神、相信聖經、並給耶穌一個機會" 的事工。她說,他們的目標接觸那些離開摩門教會、成為無神論者或不可知論者的成千上萬人。

Ex-Mormon Shares Secrets From the Church of Latter-day Saints

BY TYLER O'NEIL , CP REPORTER August 19, 2013|6:37 pm

A Christian professor and evangelist said that after 30 years in the Mormon Church, she came to a unique realization – the Bible is more accurate than the Book of Mormon, and God is bigger than the transcendent man worshipped by the "Latter day Saints" (LDS).

"I began to feel like somebody was pulling back the curtain in Oz," Lynn K. Wilder, associate professor of special education at Florida Gulf Coast University, former tenured professor at Brigham Young University, and author of Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of The Mormon Church, told The Christian Post in a Monday interview. She contrasted the Mormon and Christian churches, unmasking LDS secrets – polygamy, racism, and a fundamental distrust in the Word and Power of God.

When Wilder and her husband, Mike, searched for a church home following their marriage, they found most churches "boring and out of touch," she said. She had also been reading the Old Testament thoroughly and became convinced that "these must be latter days," since Israel had returned to its homeland.

Mormon missionaries knocked on her door, spoke about the "latter days," and welcomed the Wilders into a close-knit community. "They take you in, they love on you, they began to supplant my biological family," Wilder explained. Joining the church gave her and her husband a higher status in the college and church communities. In 1999, Brigham Young University offered her a job.

Upon moving to Utah, however, the professor recounted new discoveries – the Mormon scriptures still preach racism and polygamy, despite LDS public denials. "The Bible doesn't teach that the mark of Cain was dark skin," she explained, "but the Book of Mormon does." She noted that the mark of Cain is in other Mormon scriptures, too, besides the Book of Mormon.

It wasn't until her son Micah left the Mormon Church, however, that Wilder considered questioning their doctrines, she said. Refusing to present him to the high council for excommunication, she and her husband sent him away, and he encouraged them to read the New Testament.

"Mormons believe that the Bible is often mistranslated and corrupt," the former BYU professor testified. Their scripture tells of a "great apostasy" following the death of the apostles, such that there was no true church until Joseph Smith founded Mormonism in 1830.

But when Wilder read the New Testament, she was mesmerized. "I became consumed with this God of love, the God of grace," she said, noting that Mormons believe in works-based salvation. According to the LDS church, your deeds get you into heaven, she explained, while "in Christianity, Christ did all the work on the cross."

The LDS church also teaches that Jesus failed to hold His church together, the professor noted. She quoted Joseph Smith's History of the Church, where the Mormon founder wrote, "I have more to boast of than any man had. I am the only man who has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam….Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it."

Wilder said she believed that God is strong enough to keep His church together and to preserve the message in the Bible. In Mormonism, however, God is not omniscient or omnipotent, "he is a man, basically, who is continuing to progress and I can be on that same journey," she said.

The former BYU professor explained that, according to LDS doctrine, the best Mormons will proceed to become gods like the creator. Women can only achieve this if they are married, and only apostates – those who reject the LDS church – will go to hell with Satan and his minions. Even Hitler and murderers, by contrast, will reach the bottom level of heaven, she said.

The ex-Mormon recalled that, when she turned to Jesus, she began to see signs of the personal Biblical God (the Mormon God is not personal, she alleged) touching many aspects of her life. Her book tells the story of a picture of Christ that survived a burning building, and of a Billy Graham sermon lodged deep in her memory.

Wilder testified that a buyer showed up at her house the day after she and her husband had decided to withdraw from the Mormon Church, and a college dean offered her a job for which she had never applied. "Christianity is wonderful because of God," she said. "He's created for all of us a new family, a new life, and the most amazing trust in Him because of what we watched Him do."

In addition to teaching, she and her husband run a ministry dedicated to "helping Mormons understand a bigger God, trust the Bible, and give a different Jesus a chance." She said they aim to reach the thousands of Mormons who left the LDS church – often to revert into Atheism or Agnosticism.


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